2022-2023 Board Members


 I love Blackhawk Women and I have the greatest memories of events and adventures, and the utmost respect for our members. I have spent a few years on the Board assisting various roles. I am thrilled to act as your President this year and we have a fantastic team. This group offers all of us the benefit of friendship, learning, and fun. I “officially” moved to Blackhawk, October of 2019, and I am proud to be a member of this community. I give many thanks to Sandy Cosgrove, for introducing me to Blackhawk Women and additional kudos to all of the women of Blackhawk who have made my transition to California the best decision we ever made. Here’s to another great year!


Mary Plissey


Vice President-Programs

Janinne Franke

Sometimes I sit on my terrace at sundown and can’t believe I got here. I am so grateful for how blessed my family and I are. I wish I could tell my 18 year old self not to worry and that everything will work out perfectly. I was born in Zimbabwe during the Civil War, to a Polish World War 2 refugee and a Dutch Military Officer, who escaped a German military prison. I was educated at a convent in Harare by Catholic Nuns, with their guidance and insistence I went to college in South
Africa to study computer science. At the time there was one computer in Zimbabwe and only three people who knew how to use it at the University of Zimbabwe. I took a leap of faith at 17 and I was fortunate to be awarded a bursary to study in South Africa. I have worked in the Technology Industry for over 33 years and I have lived in the UK, Pakistan, Kenya and Cape Town, before settling in Danville 12 years ago. Peter Wisniewski is my wonderful and rather patient husband, who has had to retake medical exams twice because of the transcontinental moves and now has declared retirement much to my distress! My daughter Margaux, 22, is doing her Master’s in Public Relations and Crisis Management at NYU. My son Peter, 20, is in his Junior year at Berkeley’s College of Chemistry. It is impossible to have a conversation with me without talking about my other children – my three blue-eyed cats: Ignatius, Indigo Jimmy Chew and Banksy. Yes – we are crazy cat people. I love cooking, gardening and playing cards.  One day when I retire from Chevron I want to learn Mah Jongg and attend every single event that the BWA has to offer.


Vice President-Membership

Cassandra Boyer

I love telling people that moving to Blackhawk eight years ago was one of the best decisions I ever made because I couldn’t ask for a better place to live! Also, Blackhawk Women continues to surprise me with amazing experiences that I was not anticipating prior to moving here. I love interacting with such smart, successful and fun women and am excited to greet new members as the VP of Membership!

Born and raised in Canton, Ohio, I graduated from the University of Michigan Medical School in Medical Technology. ​I began my career as a Medical Technologist at the University of Michigan Pediatric Hematology Clinical Lab. ​My career path ​also ​took me to Chicago, Minneapolis and Danville and includes the following milestones: CEO and Co-Founder of a software company that helps advance medical research via fluorescent microscopic applications; a Fortune 500 commercial executive in the medical, in vitro diagnostics and life sciences markets; a consultant; a guest lecturer for the San Francisco State MBA program and most recently, I began working as a Venture Partner at Tern, PLC, focusing on funding and advising young, yet promising, life sciences and medical device companies. 


Family has always been my #1 one priority.  My eldest daughter, Dr. Alix Boyer and son-in-law, Dr. Dan Skinner are both chiropractors who live in Victoria, Canada. They are also entrepreneurs who started Third Space Movement. Closer to home, my youngest daughter, Jenni Boyer lives part time in San Francisco and Blackhawk. Jenni graduated from U.C. Davis with a B.S. degree in Environmental Science and GIS. She now works as a sales executive for Honeycomb.io, specializing in helping software teams find bugs in seconds.

Giving back to the community and mentoring has always been important to me. I am a member of the California Life Sciences Institute FAST Advisory Board and Stanford Medical School SPARK Advisory Board, where I mentor entrepreneurs and help accelerate the commercialization of new medical devices so these more advanced medical tools can help mankind. I also volunteer with my daughter Jenni at the Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church in San Francisco.  


Vice-President Socials

Bonnie Glennon

I was born in Seattle and grew up in Bellevue, Washington, we lived in a small golf course community called Tam-O-Shanter.  Having grown up in a golf course community, I often look back and laugh at fond memories of attending the Father Daughter Golf tournament, swim meets, teen dance nights at the Club House (I am sure the homes near the Club House loved it too).  I still have many friends and family  in the area.  In my mind, it was the best way to grow up surrounded by activities that involved team sports and active families to socialize with.

The lifestyle of Washington made it easy to participate in water skiing, boating and snow skiing.  I became a ski instructor at Alpental, Snoqualmie Pass then a year at Alta in Utah.  I still have a passion for skiing and plan a trip to the European Alps every year!  What to join us???

In 1984 I moved to California for a Job opportunity with Family Fitness Centers to Open Health Clubs in the Bay Area.  I previously spent a summer of college working in Yosemite National Park as the Valley Floor Tour Guide (the open-air trams are still in use).  Knowing I would be close to Yosemite National Park, I could not refuse!!!

I have been in Danville since 1999.  My 2 daughters attended elementary, middle school and High School at Monte Vista.  They are both my pride and joy!  Nicole went on to attend University of Perdue, USC Medical School and is now a Physician Assistant at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center is L.A.  She established her own 503C  Non-Profit in 2014 – Kids Can L.A. helping underserved children.  Danielle attended DVC and is now a Regional Sales Director for Pepsico in Washington State.  Both survived the pandemic and I am so proud of them!!!

I am a part of Blackhawk and want to participate in keeping the active Lifestyle and Community a place that everyone can enjoy themselves in team and individual sports, socialize with likeminded friends, build memories and friends to share a lifetime with! 

I have been in Real Estate since 1990, obtained my Brokers license in 2004. I was with the Blackhawk Real Estate Company from 2000 to 2017 when we merged with another company.  I have worked with and learned from all the great talents in the area!  In 2017 I also became a licensed Rea Estate Agent in Nevada, always striving to challenge myself in learning more!

I am up for the Challenge to learn from the diverse and amazing group of Blackhawk Woman and can’t wait spend more time getting to know about each and everyone of YOU!!!!  You always bring out the best in me, I appreciate being a part of this powerful group of amazing woman that make miracles happen everyday!

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Cynthia Schaeffer

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Co-Vice President-Luncheons

Lorrie Harris

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Co VP Luncheons

Suzanne Fletcher

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Shelley Foster

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Activities Chair

Marcia Beersdorf


Communications Chair

Julie Wolfe

 I have lived in the great Bay Area forever. cannot imagine living anywhere else.  Moved to the Blackhawk area in 2000 and have been enjoying membership in Blackhawk Women since 2010.  I have served in many positions since joining this great organization: 2012/2013 as VP Programs; 2013/2014 VP Membership; 2014/2015 President; 2015/2016 Past President; and in 2018 & 2019 I was happy to co-chair the Holiday Boutique. Somewhere in there I was the editor of the Newsletter for 2 years.  Now the job is called Communication Chair and once again I said yes.  Love our group and am always happy to help when asked.

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Media Chair

Deborah Lazar

Anne Wiedenmann.jpg


Anne Wiedenmann



Joy Tashjian-Castrilli

I am a California native, born and raised in Southern California.  I graduated from UCLA as did my parents and all four of my siblings.  Needless to say we are big Bruin fans!   I began working with Pacific Bell/AT&T out of college and continued there until I retired in 2013. I was transferred to Northern California with Pacific Bell in 1995 where my family (husband Eric and son Willie) luckily landed in Blackhawk.  Retirement is wonderful!  I enjoy anything family, gardening, reading, exercising, entertaining, spending time with friends and traveling.  As for Blackhawk Women, I have served on the Board in a variety of positions and am looking forward to a great Board experience this year.  The fun, friends and surprises make the BW women adventure very unique and a wonderful part of my life!

From Hollywood to Blackhawk, I have spent the last decade living in beautiful Blackhawk and working in Hollywood.  I work in television & film and have the pleasure of working on many great productions from Academy Awards, Emmy Awards to television programs like The Office, Deal or No Deal and many others. 
Recently, I added to my work, working in Milan with Italian Designers.  We focus on designer and corporate collaborations with designers such as Dolce & Gabbana, Valentino and Bulgari. My husband, Joe is an expert in the wine industry.  He has and thus we have quite a robust life between fine wine, wonderful friends and exotic travels.  When we are home, we enjoy
entertaining and tennis.  I look forward to bringing my creative talents to our Programs this year.