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2023-2024 Board Members



Bronwyn Cosgrove

I was born in Baton Rouge, LA and lived in New Jersey and Michigan before returning to my home state to attend LSU, where I published the first of its kind “The Women of LSU” calendar. My senior year I wrote the book “A Women’s Guide to Single Men in Chicago,” which was featured on the Oprah Winfrey Show. Graduating with a degree in Journalism/Advertising I accepted a job with Procter & Gamble in Chicago, where my Mom and Dad were living at the time. After P&G I worked for Young & Rubicam and Champion Spark Plug Company. In 1986 I had fun as a contestant on The Wheel of Fortune, almost spinning out of turn on national tv until Pat Sayjak saved me! Later, in 1989 I started my own business and decided it was time to get back to my Southern roots and warm weather, moving to Atlanta, GA. While running my core business, I ventured into Commercial Development and Residential Home Building until moving to California in 2017.  Now, I’m renovating homes in both Georgia and Blackhawk.  So much for retirement!   For fun, I enjoy golf, wine tasting in Napa, hosting at home parties with Mary, spending time with my folks, getting together with friends and taking Coco Marie Cosgrove, shih tzu extraordinaire, to the dog park! I am honored and excited to be a part of Blackhawk Women and look forward to many fun years with an amazing group of smart, talented and giving women!

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Vice President-Programs

Judy Kiersey

In June of 2008 I was invited by my friend Judy Hicks to attend a Blackhawk Women’s luncheon. I didn’t know anyone except for my friend Judy. The new board was being inducted at that time but there was no one to fill the position of Program VP and the President asked for nominations from the floor.  No one volunteered so I raised my hand and said ‘I’ll do it!’   Judy Hicks immediately pulled my arm down and whispered “You don’t want to do that job, that’s why no one else has stepped forward!’ But it was too late!  The President said ‘What is your name and are you sure you want to do the monthly programs?’  I replied ‘Yes, I’m sure!’’.  

That is how I became the Program VP at my very first luncheon.  I never regretted raising my hand that day because I wanted to get involved in Blackhawk Women and make new friends and I sure did!  It was one of the best decisions that I ever made and I encourage all new members to jump in and get involved.  Fifteen years have passed since that first luncheon and I am so happy to be the Program VP once again!  I look forward to a very exciting and fulfilling year and I hope you enjoy the programs beginning with the Golden Follies in August!

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Vice President-Membership

Cassandra Boyer

I love telling people that moving to Blackhawk eight years ago was one of the best decisions I ever made because I couldn’t ask for a better place to live! Also, Blackhawk Women continues to surprise me with amazing experiences that I was not anticipating prior to moving here. I love interacting with such smart, successful and fun women and am excited to greet new members as the VP of Membership!

Born and raised in Canton, Ohio, I graduated from the University of Michigan Medical School in Medical Technology. ​I began my career as a Medical Technologist at the University of Michigan Pediatric Hematology Clinical Lab. ​My career path ​also ​took me to Chicago, Minneapolis and Danville and includes the following milestones: CEO and Co-Founder of a software company that helps advance medical research via fluorescent microscopic applications; a Fortune 500 commercial executive in the medical, in vitro diagnostics and life sciences markets; a consultant; a guest lecturer for the San Francisco State MBA program and most recently, I began working as a Venture Partner at Tern, PLC, focusing on funding and advising young, yet promising, life sciences and medical device companies. 


Family has always been my #1 one priority.  My eldest daughter, Dr. Alix Boyer and son-in-law, Dr. Dan Skinner are both chiropractors who live in Victoria, Canada. They are also entrepreneurs who started Third Space Movement. Closer to home, my youngest daughter, Jenni Boyer lives part time in San Francisco and Blackhawk. Jenni graduated from U.C. Davis with a B.S. degree in Environmental Science and GIS. She now works as a sales executive for, specializing in helping software teams find bugs in seconds.

Giving back to the community and mentoring has always been important to me. I am a member of the California Life Sciences Institute FAST Advisory Board and Stanford Medical School SPARK Advisory Board, where I mentor entrepreneurs and help accelerate the commercialization of new medical devices so these more advanced medical tools can help mankind. I also volunteer with my daughter Jenni at the Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church in San Francisco.  


Vice President-Socials

Sandy Cosgrove

Having grown up in New Orleans, I watched many Mardi Gras Parades and went to many Mardi Gras parties.  In High School we girls would rent a bus to take us to Boubon Street on Mardi Gras Day.  For a day of entertainment, as a little girl, my Mother and I would ride the streetcar downtown to Canal Street to go dress shopping.  Living for so many years in Cajun Country, it is amazing that I am now allergic to onions.  Almost all Cajun recipes start with “sauté onions and….”  

I went to LSU in Baton Rouge and  Loyola in New Orleans for my Masters Degree.  Marrying Bill took us to New Jersey, Michigan, Chicago and then here.  We totally love California and have vowed to stay here forever!  I have been a member of Blackhawk Women since 1995 and have held many positions within the Club:  Social Chair, President in 2011 (yes, 9/11), Past President, Party Hawks Chair, and now Social Chair again.  


Having lived all over the country, including communities with Country Clubs, we have never experienced the socialization that Blackhawk Country Club and Blackhawk Women offer.  Since BHW has members of all ages, all personalities, all likes and dislikes, it is totally easy to make fun and lasting friendships.  We are very blessed to have such a group of amazing women!



Cynthia Schaeffer

I am a bay area native and have been fortunate to live in some of the best communities around the bay. In 2009, my family and I moved from Willow Glen to Blackhawk. Every morning as I gaze over the beautiful horizon or drive through the gates, I think what a special community I live in and call home. As a new board member of Blackhawk Women, I am excited to work alongside this special, dynamic group of women and am look- ing to help bring more exciting women together to share in all that our group has to offer.

Graduating from San Jose State University, I studied Advertis- ing and Marketing and worked in technology corporate market- ing, then high tech magazine publishing before getting my real estate license in 2003. While living in Silicon Valley, I special- ized in selling luxury properties in the area and when we moved to Blackhawk in 2019, the transition to selling luxury properties in this area was a natural progression in my business. Current- ly, I am affiliated with Coldwell Banker Realty in Danville.

I have two children, who both reside in San Francisco. They are both working in their chosen field and I could not be prouder. My husband and I are now officially “empty nesters”. We have two rescue dogs, and we love taking them for walks around the community. With a bit more time on my hands, I am looking forward to meeting new friends, trying new things and partici- pating in more of the Blackhawk Women events. I am honored to be your new secretary for this year.

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Co-Vice President-Luncheons

Lorrie Harris

My favorite things are swimming, gardening, studying Italian, playing piano, playing Bocce with my Bocce Babes team, and learning how to

play golf. Of course, I enjoy shopping and going to lunch and dinners with my friends!

I have a daughter who lives in Napa with her husband and their two daughters and a son who lives in Los Altos with his wife and their three sons. It’s always such a joy to be with them.

I look forward to traveling to Italy again with my husband, Milo, and taking long weekends in Carmel with our dog, Piper.

I am honored to be part of the BHW 2022-2023 Board and to share the VP Luncheons position with Suzanne.

Suzanne bio.jpg

Co-Vice President- Luncheons

Suzanne Fletcher

After being born, raised, and educated in Syracuse, New York, I moved with my young family to Orange County. We all fell in love with the California weather and lifestyle.

In 2015 I moved to Walnut Creek to be near my two children and their families, which has proven to be the perfect decision for me.

Recently retired as an RN, and newly married, I joined Blackhawk Women in 2021. Through this organization I have met many out- standing women. They have invited me to participate in fun activities, and the programs have been interesting and educational.

As Co-VP of Luncheons with Lorrie Harris, I am looking forward to getting to know many more wonderful women in Blackhawk Women.


Parliamentarian -

Juliann Foley

Born and raised Californian native, I grew up in Chula Vista and moved to Danville in 2009 due to my job where I worked as an area credit manager for one of the largest suppliers in the world for 30 years.  I went to night school to get my degree in Business Management.  

In 2019 I decided to open my own business Credit Division LLC doing credit management outsourcing to help small and medium businesses with their credit needs.

I have two beautiful daughters, Michelle - 31 lives in their home in San Ramon and Nikki - 29 lives with me.  Both have received bachelors degrees and are thriving well with their careers.

Michelle has been married for 4 years and Nikki has been in a relationship for over a year.  if anyone knows me they know my heart if my girls.  We're very close as its been the three of us for many years.

My fur baby Delilah, 12 years old and 8lbs, multipoo is the light of my life.  

For fun I enjoy playing Bocce, watching football, spending time with friends and family, hosting parties, going to Napa and travel.

I joined Blackhawk Women in 2015 for a way to make new friends.  It has been a wonderful adventure getting to know people and participating in activities through this organization.  I have made wonderful friendships.  The reason I am on the board now is due to Bronwyn and Mary nudging me to be Parliamentarian.  

I'm happy they encouraged me and very excited and honored to be on the board.

Looking forward to 2024!!!


Activities Chair

Anca Strassman Kustu

I was born in Romania to a Greek mother and an Austrian father and immigrated to US with my family, after a stop in Athens, Greece. I studied at the Beaux Arts School while in Athens. I landed in Chicago, where I went to the University of Illinois and studied architecture and structural engineering. Upon graduation, I was offered a job in San Francisco. I was so happy to live in such a beautiful city! I met the love of my life, my husband Onder, while taking MBA courses at UC Berkeley. We lived and worked in the San Francisco Peninsula for over 30 years. Eight years ago, we moved to this paradise called Blackhawk and began the process of finishing our projects and retiring from engineering. Our daughter is an attorney, Boalt Hall graduate, and she lives in Los Angeles with her husband and their two sons, a seven-year-old and a three-year-old.  Photography is my hobby; my husband thinks that I pick our travel destinations based on the good photo opportunities they present! I am an avid bridge player and swimmer; I enjoy a game of canasta and I recently picked up golf. I was part of the Blackhawk Women Board of Directors as Communications Chair and V.P. Luncheon for five years.  After a break of one year, I am honored to serve on the Board of Directors again as Activities Chair. I will work towards providing the membership with fun and interesting activities for every age and taste.


Communications Chair

Julie Larrabee

I am so happy to be serving on this year's Board alongside the other members and wonderful women.  I have lived in the Bay area most of my life, went to college here and enjoyed a 30-year career in the technology sector.  

Danville has always felt like home, and when I moved to Blackhawk almost four years ago, I have felt even more at home.

My dog, River, and II enjoy our quiet, beautiful community and don't plan to leave any time soon!

I look forward to the coming year with Blackhawk Women, there is a lot of fun to be had.


Media Chair

Deborah Lazar

I was born in the East End of London within earshot of the Bow Bells from the Church of St Mary Le Bow. And that makes me a “true” Cockney.... yes just like Eliza Doolittle!

After graduating in Mathematics from Bristol University I took a year off to travel around “The Colonies” before starting my career in London. At the end of the years’ adventure I didn’t want to return to England so accepted a job with a com- puter company, Burroughs, in Orlando Florida. It was a big decision settling in a new country with my family across the “Big Pond” living in the Cotswolds in the West Country and also the East End of London (which is very different and much classier now than it was 60+ years ago).

A few years later I met Rich at work while living in Detroit. He was a notorious flirt so I decided to ignore his adorable sense of humour and irresistible charm. Finally I broke down and we had our first date on a Monday. On our fourth date (Thursday the same week) he proposed and I accepted. And the rest is history!

Rich had two teenage sons living at home so I had an immediate family We’ve now been married for 38 years and have lived in Jacksonville, Atlanta twice, Philadelphia, Austin and Blackhawk twice.

Obviously Blackhawk is our favorite place as we returned here in 2007 when I retired from an Austin based software company.

The Blackhawk community, more importantly our wonderful friends, drew us back here. We cannot imagine living anywhere else.



Denise Mallozzi

My name is Denise Mallozzi. I have lived in Blackhawk and been a member of Blackhawk Women since 2001.  In 2001 I relocated to Blackhawk from New York for my husband’s (Frank) job. We raised two daughters while living here and are now proud grandparents. 

From early on, in BHW, I have been actively involved and served on the board in various positions. It has given me lots of laughs and great memories through the years. I look forward to a fabulous another year. 

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