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Our Motto:
"Women united in friendship through the sharing of fun, food, and common interests." 

Blackhawk Women formed in 1985 with the vision of five women: Mary Ann Ciulla, Diane Craig, Eleanor Jones, Maryl Hurley, and Shirley Pfendt. 

With many new people moving into Blackhawk in the mid-1980s, women gathering served as a social time to meet others. It was decided that each of the first five women would bring another friend to the next lunch meeting, and they would tell other women about the group. By the summer of 1986, Blackhawk Women took flight.
Now in 2022, we have more than 300 members, more than 30 activities each month, and several yearly social events. Blackhawk Women is an organization that is open to all women who are members of Blackhawk Country Club or who reside in the community of Blackhawk. 

Blackhawk Women gain access to instant friendships, support, and fun. Each member receives a membership directory with contact information for each member, a monthly newsletter, BLT (Blackhawk Ladies Tips, and other updates regarding our group. In addition to several activities, members can attend a monthly luncheon and invite others who might consider becoming a member of Blackhawk Women. Please review our website to learn more about our group!
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